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ES fascinante

ES fascinante is the first Spanish multi-brand first multi-brand online fashion retailer made in and by Spain. Spanish & proud, we are a community that believe in Slow Fashion. Currently we have got 25 brands with unique and hard to find pieces. All the products are designed in collaboration with Spanish Creative talent (artists, designers, artisans, sculptors & ceramists).

LocationCalle de López de Hoyos

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At ES Fascinante you will find slow fashion and authentic local products from Spain

We are an online boutique with the most fascinating curation of fashion brands and hard to find designers in Spain. We are a community that promotes local fashion, style and talent. ES fascinante supports local economics, sustainable design, true retail prices and meaningful fashion experiences.

The Community of firms and followers of ES Fascinante represent the Spanish "Slow fashion" movement, that is, sustainable, high quality, handmade fashion with timeless designs, made in or by Spain.

The fascinating brands and products chosen by the founders are mostly accesories that clearly convey the values of this platform. 

ES Fascinante was founded by Valentina Suárez-Zuloaga CEO and Margarita Ruyra de Andrade.


ES fascinante ‘s mission is to be the global technology platform for luxury fashion, connecting creators, curators and consumers. This fashion startup is a community of firms and followers that represents the Spanish “Slow fashion” movement, that is sustainable, high quality and handmade fashion with timeless designs.


We’ve sourced the most fascinating designs from Spanish emerging designers and well-established small and medium brands. Browse our curated edit of women’s clothing and accesories for exquisite detailing, timeless designs and distinctive craftmanship.


With the hands in contact with the clay, molding it, caressing it, working it,
I look in its essence for small sculptures that could accompany me…And in a trip to Tanzania, touched by so much beauty, I discovered that, in the Swahili language, mikono means hands, a name that I wanted to adapt to my collections in the form of Mikana.
Everything started there.  – Ana Ribó