PIECE - Stop carrying two phones

Will retail at £67.00. Pre-order at a 23% saving. Closes on September 27th. SHIPPING END OF OCTOBER (updated).


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PIECE - Change The Way You Use Smart Phones.

SHIPS END OF OCTOBER (updated). Colour enquires will be dealt at the end of the campaign, by the campaigner.


2 Active Numbers in 1 - Use one simplest device and one smart-phone app to manage and control all the stuff in your second phone

What is PIECE?

Carrying two phones is not convenient! It is not fashionable or stylish; it costs a lot and is a waste of space. That's why we created PIECE! PIECE is the future of Dual SIM technology. It is a tiny companion device that holds any GSM, EGSM, DCS, or PCS card, allowing you to add an extra number to your existing smart device via bluetooth. It is designed to fit in your wallet, front pocket, or behind your phone easily. PIECE is so small that it is only the size of a CREDIT CARD! That's why we like to call it "The Next Small Thing"

The design of PIECE is simple and matches your phone nicely.

It is designed to be super slim, and to easily fit in your wallet.

Long lasting battery which can provide up to 150 hours stand by time, so you only have to charge PIECE every once a while.

Insert your working number in PIECE, and start making phone calls and send text messages. Enjoy your day with only one phone.

PIECE is compatible with almost all of the iOS devices via Bluetooth.

iOS and Android Compatible - PIECE is a smart device friendly

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Now you can have two numbers active at the same time. Simply put your other number into PIECE and use Bluetooth to connect it to your phone. Both numbers can now be used on your one and only phone.
Matching your phone with style! We build 2 standard colours for you so it matches your phone, so you can wear PIECE with style and become a conversation starter with your friends
Not just a SIM card adapter, PIECE is also a security alert for your wallet. If you and PIECE are separated by more than 10m (30feet), both your phone and PIECE will ring to prevent it from getting lost or stolen.
Can't find your wallet in your room or in a car? No worries, we got you covered! By using the PIECE app you can make PIECE ring. From now on finding your wallet is super simple.
Likewise, by using the function key on the edge of PIECE, you can make your phone ring so it will always be easier to find.

How does PIECE work?

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It even works with your iPod Touch

With PIECE, you can even turn your non-cellular smart device into your cell phone. Simply download the PIECE app, and your iPod can be used as a smartphone!

Of course! We have iPad users in mind

If you only want to carry your iPad on the go, before PIECE you would not have been able to make phone calls. With PIECE this problem has been solved! Download the app and your iPad will also be turned into your smartphone!


Design of PIECE

When we designed PIECE, we had only one thing on our mind - creating the "next small thing" for user experience. We had a challenge to create a double Sim solution for a smart phone while keeping a VERY compact size. The process was amazing and our final product had made us very proud! Designing PIECE has been a journey, from technologies, to research, to batteries. We spent months choosing the most suitable materials for making a thin, and light weighted product.
This stylish black leather pouch is specifically designed for your PIECE.

Meet the Team

Dennis Wong

Co-founder and Serial entrepreneur whose products are used by over 8 million users. Previously, he spent several years in sales and marketing.

Alex Chan

Software Engineer, MSc in Computer Science at Waterloo University. Years of experience in software design. Experienced in PCB prototyping and implementing embedded software.

Gray Leung

Maker and designer. 25 years experience in high-quality and functional home-ware and gadget. Bound by strong aesthetics and visionary views of design, he has created and brought high quality products to the market. He interprets and develops the products into modern design classics for your life and home.


Thank you to our amazing producers Framework Creative who helped our finish all the art designs and video.
Thank you to our wonderful advisers CARBON who helped us finish the industry design of PIECE.
Thank you to those excellent creators who gave us advise for this project, Monolith Studio Inc,Simon Morris, Jeremy Smith, The Hamill Family, Tomas Eriksson, BetterBack, SprintRay,Zivix and Kevin Bates. Thank you to all of our friends that we met in this project. Thank you for all of your inspiring ideas, we couldn't have finished and launched PIECE without your help.


We have worked extremely hard over the last months to deliver a product that you will love and that we can be proud of. The Main Challenges Ahead:


Creating PIECE requires engineering a complex system. To make sure we get this right, we have assembled an experienced team of engineers and designers. We have already built two generations of prototypes.


Taking prototypes to mass production involves sophisticated logistics and relationships with suppliers. To minimize these risks, we have been negotiating with suppliers (including backup suppliers), testing component quality, and building a team that can execute on our promises. Our plans are nearly in place, and we require the resources to ensure we achieve this.

PIECE - Stop carrying two phones

Will retail at £67.00. Pre-order at a 23% saving. Closes on September 27th. SHIPPING END OF OCTOBER (updated).