Magnus Mewes

The designer Magnus Mewes creates furniture from barrique barrels. The shapely stools, chairs and tables have a history: for the famous barrique barrels, which are intended for the maturation of great wines, the oldest oaks, often 200 years old, are felled. They are then filled four times with red wine. 204 years later, Mewes' unique barrique furniture finally sees the light of day. On his wife Carolin Bergdolt's vineyard, Mewes helped to store disused barrique barrels. There came the idea for the first barrique chair: the barrel staves had the ideal ergonomic form for seating surfaces and chair arms. Meanwhile, there are over 20 sorts of furniture, from children's chairs and tables to chopping blocks. The classic barrique chair is the“Barrique Limited”, 100% made from used barriques (225 litre barrels). The chair is built like a barrel. The coincidentally ergonomic form is an optimal seating and back surface, giving the comfort of a molded wooden shell. The sides are made from recycled barrel bases – a natural red wine colouring can be seen here, from shades of brown to deep red. Mewes works with sustainable materials, manufactured with the highest craftsman's skills. Only selected barrique barrels are used, which after several years of use no longer.

 Neustadt, Germany