Olivier, Jean-Christophe and Nicolas

The three founders of OLFINITY™, having lived in Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bombay and Kuala Lumpur, witnessed first-hand the rise of pollution over the last decade and its adverse effects on people’s health. As a result they got particularly interested in finding ways to minimize the health and wellbeing repercussions of environmental nuisances, in innovative ways.

New York

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An amazing story

They set up EVERGREENLAND in 2006 and developed internationally a French technology for natural mosquito repellents under the brand PARA’KITO. A team of bio-chemistry scientists, driven by the same vision and values, joined the project in 2012 to run the EVERGREENLAND lab in Marseille (Provence). Beyond PARA’KITO’s breakthrough diffusion technology, the scientists made two breakthroughs in formulations for sprays, reconciling efficacy and skin friendliness.

As a result, today PARA’KITO contributes to consumers well-being in more than 30 countries including the US.

With the same mindset, to improve indoor environment, EVERGREENLAND has developed OLFINITY™, an integrated system to easily and seamlessly provide benefits in three key areas – air quality, air purification and controlled essential oils diffusion. All three have been, for the first time, successfully combined in a patented ground-breaking eco-system to deliver an unparalleled moment of wellbeing in a safe, evaluated indoor air environment, and all managed by an intelligent gateway device controlled by an app.