Born in Montevideo

Carolina Palombo Píriz

We are a team of creative professionals and technicians who believe in the importance of giving design and functionality to spaces. We love small scale, individual houses, interior spaces, furniture and daily used objects. Studying and gazing at our clients needs, and tastes, challenge us to move and evolve while theirs habits evolve as well. We are committed to our work, going back to be part of the processes, exploring new forms made with traditional materials. We have passion for craftmanship, and love to the return to the basics, to what is genuine, to what tells a story. Our search is toward those details that make the difference, toward an excellent result, paying special attention to the environment and to having an influence in architecture and design accordingly. We consider family and hard work as the main drivers in life, and design as a mean to make a difference in it.

LocationCharrúa 2561 / 001

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