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Live Smarter, Be Carefree A smart accessory for your belongings - never leave your keys, wallet, charger, passport, umbrella or anything else behind.

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Inspired by nature, designed for you. THE O sits perfectly in the palm of your hand; like a pebble found on a riverbed. The grooves echo the threads on a silk cocoon. Perfect for keys and bags - use our sleek accessory to hang an O onto anything. Garment-friendly - simply run a thread through the fine grooves on the perfectly smooth surface and your O will hold as securely as a little cocoon. Waterproof - avoid buying and losing multiple umbrellas per year and make sure you bring home all your equipment from your outdoor adventure.

How does THE O work?

THE O is your personal assistant in a mobile app that silently checks if you have everything you need and immediately let’s you know when you don’t. Connect and link new devices to your phone in seconds, pick a name and an icon and you are good to go. With one tap you can always see where and when you left your things. Once your battery runs out, you can replace it easily. They are inexpensive and widely available in electronic stores and supermarkets. We kept this convenient while still ensuring superior water resistance for every weather.

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