Born in Brisbane

Natasha Schweitzer

Natasha and Alexandra Chipman, daughter’s to one of Australia’s first female jewellers and successful designer Marion Schweitzer, have grown up to the buzzing sound of the polishers in their mother’s studio before launching their brand in 2015.

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Inside the brand...

Jewellery is a deeply intimate and personal affair. To each piece we attach special meanings and rituals, treasuring these precious items that are passed down through generations.

It’s a union that few other possessions are able to ignite, that of jewellery and the wearer, for jewellery more than an attachment to a specific trend or passing fade, becomes instantly recognisable as one’s own, a signature. Designing with an sensibility that combines modern and simplistic shapes with an imagination of decades past, Natasha Schweitzer pieces are instantly recognisable for their refined beauty and exceptional quality.
Natasha Schweitzer is frequently featured in publications including Vogue Paris, Vogue Australia, WWD, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Russh, Marie Claire Australia, and seen on celebrities and influencers including Lara Worthington, Jessica Gomes and Caroline Vreeland. All Natasha Schweitzer pieces are designed and formed in Australia, with materials and natural stones sourced from all over the globe.

The Collection

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