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Fascinated by the open and uninhibited spirit of the nineteenth century in Paris, as well as the decadence of the wild nights of the 80s Laura Gauthier Petit decided to inject some liveliness and freshness into Parisian fashion.


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Founded in 2015 by Laura Gauthier-Petit, Fête Impériale takes inspiration from aesthetics of the Second empire fusing it with the decadence of the freedom of rock and disco. 
The brand culminates playfulness and decadence, particularly the La belle epoque aesthetic  brought forward with a punk attitude . For each collection, Laura creates a unique print where the garment becomes a live painting.


Collections are developed by the atelier who is is headed by Ihab Abdeen, the head tailor who practices under strict haute couture methods. 
With a seasonal focus on re- appropriating the masculine wardrobe into feminine proportions, the house often sees drape and fluid cuts cross over into over- sized proportions that support the houses idea of clothing being a protection agains the struggle of daily life. 

The house works with a great focus on haute couture techniques that were developed in the 19th century, paired with noble fabrics including silk, satin duchesse, Gobelin tapestry (tapestry technique from the 19th century).

In addition to textiles selections, all angora pieces are made in collaboration with angora de France, a certified ethical supplier based in the south of France. Gauthier Petit seasonally works with a selection of artists, artisans and manufacturers that push the boundaries of local savoir - faire.

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