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PINCH is a creatively led British studio, celebrated for its consistently high quality, award winning and genre defining furniture. For 15 years PINCH has created desirable and extraordinary furniture and lighting designs. The studio’s products are characterised by a quiet and elegant aesthetic, the result of tireless refinement and an intense dedication to craft, process and the beauty of well sourced materiality.

Location46 Bourne Street
London, SW1W 8JD

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Pinch is the collaboration between husband and wife team Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon.

Their work celebrates simplicity of form, the purity of a good shape and our emotional connection with the materials around us that goes against the cluttered world in which we live. At pinch, they believe in poetic design, making beautiful things, pieces that endure, inspire and aspire to be inherited. "We refine and refine our designs until we feel we have arrived at our idea of perfection, but we seek to leave them with a lightness of touch." The manner in which the pieces are produced is as important as the designs themselves and are manufacture with a serious commitment to quality, and attention to detail and finish.

"Working from our studio/showroom in London we aim to create graceful and iconic furniture and lighting that work for both elegant domestic spaces and stylish contract environments. With a timeless quality, our pieces are designed and built to last, and we hope work comfortably in a variety of situations, from concrete to country. Our style does not seek to dominate or dictate but we hope instead thoroughly and resonantly engages."

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