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Stellar Works

Stellar Works is a contemporary design brand committed to creating novel collections. We stand for a renaissance of refined culture and Asian aesthetics.

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In 2012, we established Stellar Works as a way to bring ideas together: East and West, heritage and modernity, craft and industry – bringing the best of the past into the light of the present. Our aim was to inspire a renaissance in Asian aesthetics, taking the forms, styles and motifs that have characterised Japanese design across the centuries and filtering them through the lens of the European tradition to create something new and timeless.

“We have chosen this path between the old and the new because I believe good design is timeless design. Stellar Works aims to be timeless.” – Yuichiro Hori, CEO and Founder

Today, sustainability is fundamental to good design, and responsible material sourcing forms a key chapter in any product’s story. Through transparent sourcing and manufacturing, Stellar Works offers clients an assurance of integrity and a demonstrable commitment to sustainability.


Commitment to Craft – Inspired by the long-standing history of craft and industry of traditional cultures.

Sustainability is good design – Responsible sourcing forms a key chapter in our products’ story.

Made in Shanghai – We bridge the gap between east and west.


Stellar Works’ creative direction is overseen by the Neri&Hu Design and Research Office. Founded in 2004, the design practice is based in Shanghai and London and led by architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu. The company’s diverse, multicultural team strives to reinvent classic craft, adding a fresh, contemporary touch to their projects and collaborations all over the world.

“Design is an outward manifestation of what we have within us.” – Rossana Hu

The Collection

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