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BorromeodeSilva believes in good narrative. Rather than presenting each member of the team and name-dropping our different clients, we want to tell you what we stand for and what excites us. And add some good anecdotes whilst we're at it.


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We opened our office as three technology and design enthusiasts in 2010. Combining our previous experiences, we built an extensive knowledge of industrial processes, excellent craftsmanship and an elaborate network of local and international suppliers. 

We assembled a tightly knit team of 10, with complementary skills, organically growing around a sense of excellence and esprit d'Èquipe. We are commonly taughts form follows functions and thats good design is different than styling. Well, we believe that is not always true. Technology and engineering can seem complex and out-of-reach, design and aesthetics vain and abstract but we aim at articulating the two.

Automotive design, product design, and graphic communication; from research and development to complete industrialization: we create high-end products at low production levels for a high-perceived value. We connect traditional design with contemporary technology, craftsmanship with innovation. Dynamic, elegant, dry and masculine: those are the words that would best describe our products. Our unique strength comes from this deeply rooted sense of style and strong production know-how.

"Cross-pollination" is not just a fancy word that makes you win points at Scrabble, it is something that we also firmly believe in. Our job is to connect the dots, within your constraints, with the best there is out there. Fun fact: we once used the Italian army nano-technology to create a fridge made of jeans material. We are undeniably Italian. Milanese but with a Californian twist. Which doesn't mean we are unbearably clichè, but that we merge timeless style with contemporary technology. Interiorizing our cultural heritage, without being subjected to it, we benefit from a rich and historical net of artisans while staying on the forefront of technology thanks to our international experience. 

Fun fact: we morphed the basement of our office into a prototype laboratory (AKA the FabLab) with 3D printers and laser cutters. We pushed it to the point we don't really use paper anymore. Everything from the ideation, research, sketch, and prototype, is all is done within our office, giving us an incredible freedom of creation.

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