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Industrial Jewellery

Original, modern jewellery inspired by industrial materials. Featuring intriguing pieces of sophisticated jewellery, to help you stand out with style.


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Industrial jewellery is an original, modern jewellery brand created by designer Hila Rawet Karni. Inspired by industrial materials, the unique handmade collection features intriguing pieces of sophisticated jewellery, to help you stand out with confidence, in style and life. A product designer by training, Hila works with raw industrial materials that are not naturally associated with jewellery making, and transforms them into wearable works of art.

Our original handcrafted designs are as sophisticated and unique as the women who wear them. Ropes, springs, rubber and other unusual materials are manipulated and transformed to the point where pieces require a second or third glance to truly recognize their origins. The result is a versatile collection of intriguing jewellery that serve as an expressive focal point or an understated highlight, to complement and elevate your individual style.

Hila designs and creates the different elements used in her creations, from scratch, adding her own unique stamp to the materials used. Her creative process often starts with the materials themselves, in an attempt to unearth their ingrained characteristics and tease out new designs from their existing form.

“As an industrial designer by training, my design attitude is as functional as it is artistic. I am intrigued by what materials and techniques I can use to question our design conventions and preconceptions. To create jewellery that is beautiful and luxurious out of what we often perceive as functional and utilitarian. “

“Jewellery is such a unique and intimate form of art: we wear it next to our bodies and it plays a huge part in how we show up in the world.

Having established a worldwide brand presence, selling at trendsetting stores such as MoMa in NYC, Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Galleries Lafayette in Paris, we decided to expand our product range and develop a leather goods line keeping our same aesthetics and values. We’ve designed a beautiful leather bag that is hand stitched of the finest leather to high quality aluminium side panels, creating the sophisticated industrial look familiar with our brand. We offer three versions of the bag - a simple clutch, a clutch with an additional metal handle or a satchel with a leather strap.

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