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LG Display

LG Display offers LG OLED light panels with cutting-edge OLED light technology creating a new standard in light quality.


LG OLED light began as an OLED material development project at LG Chem and has been available on the market since 2014 with its 2nd generation production. In 2015, LG Display acquired the OLED light business from LG Chem. LG Display acquired this business with the intention to take advantage of their OLED display manufacturing systems and know-how. Investments have been made to proceed with 5th generation production systems, which will begin in the 4th quarter of 2017. LG OLED light panels offer a soothing source of light with breakthrough technology. The innovative flexibility of the panels along with the comfortable and even distribution of light from OLED light panels will surely change your ‘light-style’.

About LG OLED Flexible Panel

As a leading company of next generation light source technology, LG Display OLED light is setting the standard in the lighting market. Display OLED light is a heatless, non-glaring and human-friendly light. The ‘truly flexible’ and super thin light weight panel will take creativity a step further for designers and architect to elaborate in their piece of work. Featuring at the Design Junction, the flexible panel 300x300mm, 200x50mm, 400x50mm are the materials used for the competition and other shaped panels are to be exhibited.

LG OLED Design Competition 2017

The LG OLED Design Competition has been an international platform since 2013 to provide designers and architects with an opportunity to apply OLED light to their design. This year's competition returns with the theme highlighting 'New Light of Life'. At London Design Junction, LG has assembled a selection of panels that underscore the infinite potential of OLED in order to promote the upcoming LG OLED Design Competition 2017.

Concept & Category

Concept 01 LIFE Incorporate the idea of 'life' into your designs based on your own interpretation. 02 HUMAN Emphasize the natural illumination of OLEDs and propose a design in accordance with LG's design philosophy, 'Human Centric Care and Empathy'. 03 FLEXIBILITY & CREATIVITY Emphasize the flexibility and creativity of OLEDs and integrate your design into our modern day lifestyle. Category LIGHTING DESIGN that best represents the three concepts above (Exclude Task Lamp) SPACE DESIGN that best represents the three concepts above ( Fit within 3m X 3m Square Box)

Competition Material

Coinciding with LG’s release of the first commercialized flexible OLED light panels, the competition will also be focusing on flexible OLEDs. These panels are 0.41mm thin and comes with a bending radius of 20mm. Make the most out of this newly available flexibility. ▶300x300mm ▶200x50mm ▶400x50mm For more information please visit our official LG OLED design competition website:


▶Peter Zec Founder and CEO of red dot ▶Paul Joe Functional Expert/ HE Design Lab,. Corporate Design Center LG Electronics, Inc. ▶Sung Soo Park VP, Head of OLED Lighting Business Division LG Display Co., Ltd. ▶Stefano Giovannoni CEO & Owner Giovannoni Design CEO & Owner Qeeboo Art Director of Ghidini 1961 ▶Ichiro Iwasaki Iwasaki Design Studio Product Designer ▶Torsten Valeur Design Director and Head of David Lewis Designers ▶Stefan Stark Stark Design

Competition Schedule

Call for Entries - Application Period: ■ September 11th until November 30th, 2017 Announcement of 10 Finalists: ■ December 20th, 2017 Light + Building Exhibition: ■ 13th until 24th March, 2018

Award Prizes

Winners will be selected from all eligible submitted projects. Prizes will be designated by an international jury composed of professionals in the fields of design. The winner is given the opportunity to exhibit their design at the 'Light + building 2018' at Frankfurt, Germany. The flight ticket for round trip will be provided to the winner. Prices under each design catagory: ◆Lighting Design & Space Design 1st team - 5,000 USD + 1 Flight ticket (1 team) 2nd team - 3,000 USD + 1 Flight ticket (1 team) 3rd team - 1,000 USD + 1 Flight ticket (1 team) / 1,000 USD (2 team) *Manufacturing of the Mock up will be supported by LG *Exhibit your design at "Light+Building 2018" *3% Royalty upon production *For team participant, only one flight ticket will be provided