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SOVET Italia

Sovet blends the tradition of Italian glass art and the inspirations of contemporary design, to create pieces of furniture that speak an original, elegant and versatile language. A story that communicates emotions and welfare, through the quality of the materials and the manufacture, the versatility of the project, the sustainability of the production process.

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SO.VE.T was founded at the end of 80’s by six Trevisan glaziers. In 1990 it has been taken over by the current owner who converted it into a successful company able to establish itself as a new protagonist in the world of the design furniture made in Italy. SO.VE.T. immediately stands out for the functionality and style of its products. In the 90’s it becomes a landmark in the sector thanks to a range of products of original shapes and unique complements. It starts to collaborate with studios of international reputation: thus arises in 2003 the DIVETRO collection, developed together with the prestigious Spanish studio Lievore Altherr Molina. After the success of DIVETRO collection, the company started to collaborate with leading designers such as Matthias Demacker and Gianluigi Landoni giving birth to SOVETITALIA brand. 
Today SOVETITALIA continues its research and development path. The distinctive features of its design and the acquired experience together with the most advanced technologies allow SO.VE.T. to work and explore not only the glass but also other materials such as steel, aluminium, ceramic and wood.


SOVETITALIA represents the tradition of glass bending. The company is among the pioneers in the production of glass sinks obtained through the bending of float glass. It currently collaborates with the most reputable companies of bathroom furniture. SOVETITALIA uses the abilities, the skillful artisan hands and the most advanced technologies to reach the best quality standards. Its know-how expands through the creation of accessories made with the most sophisticated and original glasses such as the innovative carbon-treated glass or the combination with other materials such as wood, steel, ceramic and aluminium.


A sustainable development allows to satisfy the present needs without compromising the possibility of future generations to do so. The attention is oriented also towards the social work through finances to cultural and sport events in the local communities. SOVETITALIA takes this commitment using renewable sources for energy self-sufficiency of its production processes. Its eco-compatibility derives from the raw material, the glass, which can be re-introduced into the production cycle many times. It also uses cardboard packaging produced ad hoc with limited presence of petroleum derivatives and uses water-based lacquers for the manufacturing.


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