Born in Manzano


Montbel has been re-writing the design and meaning of an everyday object: the chair. It has provided excellence for over 50 years combining aesthetics and ethics to make the world we live in more comfortable and attractive.

Phone+39 0432743147
LocationVia delle Scuole 30

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Behind Montbel

Montbel was founded in 1959 by Mr.Silvano Montina. The care given to the completion of the product, the consolidation of its national and international clientele, the latest generation of the family are only some of the aspects which, in the 90’s allowed Montbel to continue the Company’s transformation: the creation of a collection trading with its own brand name.
Montbel continues to offer new products to the international market. Its italian soul rises through the selection of the high quality materials used and the attention paid to each phase of the production.

The Collection

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