Born in Shenzhen


Minimalistic designed stationery with oriental aesthetics.


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EY Products designs and crafts beautiful and minimalist items that brings unexpected pleasures. Disenchanted by mass produced home decor and stationeries, we believe home and desktop are the places where modern individual can find their own niche, calm and beauty. 

With environmentally friendly materials, minimalist design and attention to details, EY Products crafts the products with personality that distinguish yourself among the crowd. The alphabets ”EY” sounds just like “surprise” in Chinese. We hope the products designed by us can bring you the feeling of "surprise".

Such surprise is pleasant and beautiful, reasonable instead of being nonsense. People will feel its unexpectedness, but they will think it’s reasonable at the same time.

As surprise is unknown to us, we are keen to find such unknown matters. We believe that with our wonderful concept and carefully designed details, you will definitely have your sincere feeling from the heart -- "wow! it can be done like this!”

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