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NOVUM is a Paris based design studio, creating 3d carved custom-made panels for interior decoration and furniture.

Location14b rue Hassard

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The Paris based studio NOVUM aims to conceive and produce artefacts that reveal the multi-sensorial and cultural interaction we have with landscapes. The places and spaces in which our life unfolds are not just a simple frame or a passive scenery, they are the canvas and the paint with which we construct both our individual existence, as well as our common imaginary. It is precisely the acknowledgment of the impact that man-built and raw landscapes have in our culture that lies at the core of our research and design practice. Through the use of digital technologies such as 3D printing or CNC milling, NOVUM wishes to explore new aesthetics, on the frontier between the virtual and the physical realm. These new tools allow us not only to produce differently, but also to design in a new way, customizing and inscribing each project as a unique piece and at the same time as part of a series. With wood as a primary medium for our first series, we chose to explore the potential of planetary-scale topographies in multi-scale design projects. We recreate real landscapes, from Earth and beyond, and integrate them in our creations. As the CNC mill carves these large organic patterns in the wood, they become a palpable texture allowing a multi-sensorial experience of geographies.

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