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Andres Gallardo

An artisanal and subjective approach to fashion jewellery. It all started from a selection of porcelain figures found in an antique shop that were transformed and reinterpreted to make a unique series of whimsical pendants with fragment compositions as a porcelain collage. The project is formed by the designers Andrés Gallardo and Marina Casal.

LocationCalle del Conde de Romanones, 5

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It all started with a personal project entitled Brokenporcelain, Andrés created a series of unique pieces from porcelain fragments found in antique shops and flea markets. These fragments were transformed and re-worked by hand to become jewellery pieces. 

With the addition of Marina Casal in 2011, the project became a brand. Andrés and Marina began the search for artisanal workshops and craftsmen to create porcelain pieces to cater the growing demand of international clients, always retaining the essence of the original Brokenporcelain pieces.

Nowadays the porcelain pieces found in ANDRESGALLARDO jewels are made by craftsmen in Spain and Portugal, rescuing traditional processes based on high quality standards. All porcelain flowers come from one of the last remaining workshops of handmade porcelain in Spain; each flower is modelled and painted by hand, one petal at a time.

Finally all these pieces are turned into fashion jewels at our Madrid studio, by a team of passionate people who believe in a job well done and a good laugh; loving what they do. Our new leather handbags with porcelain inlays are made of the finest quality, organically dyed bovine leather and manufactured in Ubrique, Spain, a location well known for its ancient tradition of leather goods.

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