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Glass and crystal are our natural elements, and the creation of unprecedented forms is our driving force. It’s important for us to know our products can be used on a daily basis as well as during holidays, and we strive to make sure our glassware is practical, matches your interior, and perfects your living space.

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Brand of innovative and functional glassware design, created by glass artist and designer Artis Nimanis. ~ Perfecting your living space since 2004 ~

Each an&angel bowl is accurately mouth-blown with several layers of glass fused in one, ensuring the highest quality standards throughout each layer. The special technique of layering allows the light to spread evenly across the glass thus giving bowls their distinct shine and style.
an&angel was founded in 2004 and is gaining recognition as an emerging brand in the European market. Our first collection featured products covered with a Titanium coating. This unique innovative employed top-of-the-line technologies to create subtle and elegant forms. We have continued this tradition in developing our next collection of crystal and glass dishes.

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