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Steel & Flint

At Steel & Flint we create beautiful products that have been carefully designed to fit perfectly into your everyday lives, whether that is in the city or out on an adventure in the mountains.


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Inside the Brand

Steel & Flint represents the intersection of old & new, tradition & technology, luxury & everyday.

All our products are designed to be simple & minimal, with a clear useful purpose. We only use solid or natural materials and work with some of the country’s greatest craftspeople and engineers to make it happen. Beautiful products are meant to be used, touched and carried with you at all times; designing our products with this in mind drives their beautiful form from the function they carry out. The Steel & Flint Pen embodies this in a form that is both elegant, yet secure and robust in its design. This is the first in a family of products that share this philosophy. Steel & Flint is based in Worcestershire, England and we take pride in supporting other great British companies by manufacturing and producing as much of our products in the UK as we can. Please follow our social media channels and sign up to get great offers and early bird news on our website – we would love to hear from you.

The Collection

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