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By Andrew Coslow is a design/build company that specializes in custom furniture and installations. Their projects range from small single furniture pieces to full renovations and designs of retail stores.

Location600 Palisade Ave
Union City

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ByAndrewCoslow - a design company that builds things

Andrew Coslow's innovative design approach stems from a degree in Architecture, where he was taught that every line you draw must have a purpose. With that mentality in mind, the furniture has an airy mid-century aesthetic where form and function come together in perfect harmony. A signature style is created by using traditional craft techniques with a variety of hardwoods, that are balanced with a sleek steel frame. This inter-play of materials is a key part of what makes his designs stand out and have a lasting impression.
Established in August of 2012- ByAndrewCoslow is a team of designers and skilled craftsmen who work with a range of different design and fabrication backgrounds, primarily wood, metal, fabric and fine arts painting. All work is designed and built in a 3,000 sq.ft facility just outside of New York City's Lincoln Tunnel in Union City, NJ.

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