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Dupraz Sport

Dupraz invent the most intuitive tools for the snow, tools that offer the purest form of gliding. Both their sidecut and the feeling when riding them is different. They are unique, just like us.

Location250, Route des Bègues

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The History

In 1984, Serge Dupraz discovered snowboarding. The amazing thrills of riding won him over right away, so he decided to start making his own boards. At the time there were two completely different trends, both from the East Coast of the United States, competing on the market. On one side are short snowboards with relatively little sidecut and a short nose, characterized by placing the feet towards the back of the board and "sweeping" the rear foot to turn. Two brands represented this trend, Burton and Sims. The other side is represented by the brand Winterstick, which offers two models that are longer and wider, with much a much more progressive nose. This second trend inspired Serge Dupraz to create his first Hot Snowboards. He launched two models, the Mid and the Expert, the latter being the first board in Europe designed using a long swallow tail.

The Collection

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