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Innocent Stone Jewellery

We dream to protect the natural resources, preserve the environment and to guarantee a safe future for humankind. We wish to create a new eco- friendly, committed, sustainable and innocent kind of jewelry. We plan to build a worldwide community by using a new technology with recycled and organic materials. For tomorrow, We must act today.


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The Project

This project wishes to propose an alternative to traditional Jewelry and diamond trading. No one can ignore the excessive abuses linked to the mining industry. Innocent Stone uses the latest technologies and endorses the worth of lab-grown diamonds, identical in every way to the mine diamonds, and wants to promote the use of recycled gold for the making of new jewelry and to reduce the need for new gold. This is the beginning of a nature-friendly business, answering real social and environmental problematics linked to the sourcing of these materials. This is a concept 100% eco-responsible, from the product to its packaging. Now, late 2016, jewelry is at the crossroad of histories. A quest towards the innocence is set and Innocent Stone will be the leader of this new generation of responsible and committed diamonds and jewelry dealers. The unconscious hedonistic consumerism has to stop and needs to be respectful of our planet’s wellbeing. For tomorrow, we must act today.

The Collection

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