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SEASE SEA like Ocean, EASE Like release pressure, chase freedom An Idea by Franco and Giacomo Loro Piana, SEASE provides the essentials for every experience. SEASE | SEA like the ocean, EASE like release pressure, chase freedom. SEASE menswear blurs the lines between urban and activewear with an unmatched level of quality.


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Escaping from your usual routine is a matter of choice, an attitude.
It requires energy + imagination + some madness. SEASE - SEA like the ocean. EASE like release the pression and chase freedom.

SEASE creates dedicated kits. Every experience or passion represents a world in itself. Urban, Sailing and Skiing are the first of a series.
Six to eight versatile, resistant, high performance garments in different versions and colors are always available so you can enjoy your experiences regardless of the season.SEASE garments keep you in touch with your world and passion. A technical jacket like the spray top is essential when sailing: SEASE has a wool and nylon version for the Sailing Kit, and also found in the Urban Kit to keep out the air when biking in the city.

The design of SEASE garments hybridizes traditional elements with state-of-the-art research. Taking classic tailoring to a new level through innovative technical content is SEASE's unprecedented way of interpreting modernity. Our fabrics represent Italian manufacturing excellence in terms of quality, innovation and sustainability.

Like you, we at SEASE deeply love our planet. We think that there is a better way to live on it. Everyday behaviors and visionary choices can change the future. Our materials and processes express the maximum technology in terms of biodegradability, emissions reduction, resource recycling, and a reduction of environmental impact.


SEASE mission is to create value in an ethical and sustainable way. Our main focus is to create awarness in our community and to reduce environmental impact of our supply chain without compromising quality, style and performance. Ethical entrepreneurship as well as conscious individual behaviours could make a positive impact on our planet.

Our network of suppliers share with us a strong commitment toward sustainablity and innovation, they all enroll efficiency programs and investments in terms of water efficency, renewable energy, waste management and low CO2 emission.

100% MADE IN ITALY – SEASE products are manufactured within few hundreds of miles from Milan, this reduce significally the emission of CO2 due to trasportation compared to production made in foreign countries.

NATURAL FIBERS – Chosing natural fibers versus synthetic ones is the way. Wool, linen , silk and cotton are made of animal or plant-based fibers, so they are biodegradable and harmless for the skin. It is crucial to use fibers that absorbe less water and pesticides in the growing and harvesting phases. We focus mainly on wool and linen. Linen absorbes ¼ of water and uses 1/7 of chimicals compared to cotton. When feasible like in the case of our denim, we use recycled cotton yarns.

BIO-BASED POLIMERS – Synthetic fibers like nylon are man-made and produced entirely from chemicals. When needed for performance requirment, we use petrol-free nylon that is 100% bio based and renewable resource.

UPCYCLING & RECYCLING – Waste is becoming a major issue for our planet, especially for the ocean. It is possible to reuse waste material like plastic to make products with better environmental value. The polyester used in our garments comes from plastic bottles (PET) recycled in Italy. On average we recycle 10 plastic bottles for every meter of polyester.

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