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High Performance Art for the Luxury Alpine Lifestyle…Foil exists for one reason…to provide instruments of maximum joy, beauty and performance for the effortless movement through nature’s most majestic creation…snow. Foil skis are the product of decades searching for the perfect blend of materials and processes that yield a degree of elegance and performance. Each Foil ski package is a bespoke experience.


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– The birth of what skiing was meant to be

The word “Foil" describes the effortless, elegant movement of an object across any surface... And this is why Foil exists, to provide tools of maximum joy for the effortless movement through nature’s most majestic creation...snow. Foil skis are the product of decades searching for the perfect blend of materials that yield an elegance and performance never before experienced.


Foil Skis were born and raised in a small village nestled between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea in northern Italy… in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Andreas Pichler, award-winning designer, artist and competitive alpine skier, embraced Foil’s legendary foundation and then, with valuable input from a team of master craftsmen, designers and athletes, shaped Foil into what it is today.
Over ten years of intense analysis, development and testing has gone into Foil skis with only one goal in mind: to create a ski of World Cup performance, in perfect balance with the body, in harmony with nature and one that aesthetically celebrates the timeless beauty of skiing.


Foil Skis are the truest expression of our lifelong desire to create authentic “High Performance Art.” The result is the embodiment of supreme engineering and superb design. Like a Master Chef, the team at Foil has learned not only how to select the finest ingredients but also how to combine them in a way that has produced a ski which is every bit as breathtakingly beautiful as it is a sheer joy to ride.


Winner of the 2015 World Ski Test, Foil’s quintessential line comprised of the “Classico” and the “Riserva” is the pinnacle of achievement in terms of form, function, flex and feeling. While Foil does produce additional models for other types of skiing and conditions, the “Classico” and the “Riserva” are the true embodiment of our quest for “perfection on snow.”


Every member of the Foil family is unique and our customization process reflects this belief. From the elegant inlaid initials to the vintage lock, classic flask and the monogrammed leather bag, Foil tastefully personalizes all elements of your package.

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