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Yuccs was born with the aim of creating a new category of footwear. Inspired by Mother Nature, we rely on technology to create unique and innovative natural materials designed to offer a comfort experience never before seen. An endless search for new natural materials that allow us to innovate.


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- We are yuccs, the sheep that came out of the flock.

We do not follow fashion, fashion is ephemeral, yuccs is forever. Fashion is for catwalks, yuccs is for life.
Fashion wants you to follow it, we want you to mark the way.
Fashion wants your clothes to define you, we want your passions to do so.

Fashion wants you to buy to feel special but what makes you really special is not bought. We are the conscious generation that thinks for itself and buys what it needs. We are the yuccs generation, the fashion generation.


An idea, a lot of passion and an extraordinary team.

We are here to make our mark in the world. A trace with which we can look back and feel proud. Our dreams are what fill us with illusion and make us want to rethink things. Well, the dream of Pablo Mas, founder of Yuccs, is to change the footwear industry into a new category inspired only by premium natural materials.

With his mind fixed on creating the most comfortable shoe in the world, a shoe that respected the environment, he knew that he had to bet on a very innovative material, leaving behind the most well-known skins and synthetics: Merino wool sourced and developped in Spain.

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