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Albicchiere is an Italian start-up company based in Umbria, halfway between the best Chianti and Sagrantino wineries. Albicchiere's mission is to allow you to get to know and taste wines at their best conditions, even when drinking just a single glass

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The first Smart Wine Platform that allows you to taste the best wines directly at home, anytime you so desire.

Albicchiere is aimed both at final consumers but also at businesses such as restaurants; that will be able to offer entire wine list by the glass thereby increasing profits; hotels, airlines and transportation companies where managing glass is an issue. Moreover, thanks to the complex system of traceability of consumption, the wineries will be able to market their products with more precision, allowing them to have more accurate knowledge of their end users.
Albicchiere has the advantage of allowing for both traditional bottles and Smart Bags in order to be able to have any still wine you desire always on hand and available.


Albicchiere redefines wine logistics, thanks to its patented packaging that reduces the transportation weight by 0.5 kg for the equivalent of a 0.75 litre bottle, therefore reducing transportation costs and also reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere by 40%.  But there's more. Smart Bags are equipped with an active Tag able to record temperature changes and any shaking that could be harmful to the wine, storing the information in a non-counterfeit dedicated blockchain. Just imagine browsing the store shelves and knowing if the wine you are buying has already deteriorated simply by scanning the tag with the dedicated app.



Albicchiere connects to your to home automation system so you can have your wine ready as soon as you walk in the door. In addition, via the connection to voice assistant systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple’s Siri, Albicchiere allows you to choose the right wine for your dinner with friends and, if it is not in your cellar, to buy it directly from dedicated online shops.
Each glass that is served will cost only the price of the wine and there will be no further maintenance costs due to refills or needles that need to be replaced.


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