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IEVA is a revolutionary new technological concept combining personalized beauty, jewelery, craftsmanship, IoT, artificial intelligence and environmental commitment. IEVA provides IoT and technology based solutions focused on enhancing & improving human life. IEVA protects every individual through fully personalized personal care & lifestyle recommendations and contributes to more sustainable living practices.

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Anticipate rather than correct. IEVA has made this its mantra. 
With changing temperatures, fine particle pollution and the effects of passing time, our skin, hair and organism are constantly put under severe strain. From time immemorial, cosmetics have sought to repair the damage caused to our skin by external factors. Today, IEVA goes further.

IEVA believes in personalization as the foundation of efficiency. IEVA protects each individual with personalized beauty treatments and contributes to more sustainable lifestyle practices.
IEVA has a conviction... the well-being of everyone goes through harmony with our environment. IEVA gives us the opportunity to act and contribute to saving the planet by enabling the scientific community, climatologists and society to understand the environment with precision and to act accordingly.

IEVA is to see the invisible, to understand the unfathomable and to act ... To act for our beauty, for our well-being and our health. Act to be the one we want to be, in all serenity. Act to be one with the world around us.


With over ten years' experience in the research and development of personalized cosmetics, our team proves the effectiveness of the IEVA solution every day. Building the cosmetics of tomorrow and democratizing personalized beauty are our mission. Measuring allows you to objectively and measurably know a situation and act appropriately to provide you with the perfect care.


IEVA is also a technological know-how acquired for more than twenty years through the experience of its engineers experts in micro-electronics, sensors, micro-mechanics and artificial intelligence. Unceasingly seeking to exploit measurement and data, IEVA has developed a unique patented technology that allows to better understand the harmful effects of environmental stress and to create a data aggregator capable of providing personalized recommendations for skin and hair care, but also lifestyle and nutrition tips.


In the pure tradition of "French luxury", IEVA has joined the formidable craftsmanship recognized by the most prestigious French fashion houses, to design jewelry, leather accessories or silk 'exception. All of us share the meaning of tradition and elegance.

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