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MUNK Collective

MUNK is a collective of different designers and architects from all over the world. Our aim is to give the young and upcoming a chance to show their talent and to help them unfold their ideas and designs. We believe in learning together and from each other.


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In 2012 Hans-Peter Monk established a small interior and furniture store by the name MUNK in central Copenhagen. the store was successful, but hans peter dreamed of more. Through his many years in design retail he knew many designers and architects, who he saw fit to join him in his journey of creating a design community. Soon items were designed and sold in the MUNK store. This was the beginning of MUNK collective.

MUNK collective is a design collective consisting of designers and architects. hans peter choses the designers and the designs, and he is therefore the one who choses the direction and the overall aesthetics of the brand. everyone is welcome to pitch ideas and designs and if everything goes well, we will have your product produced and in stores within a short amount of time.

"At MUNK collective we are always delighted when a new designer contacts us and tells us about their ideas and dreams. our main focus is on the community and the teamwork in the collective, as well as a desire to push and challenge current trends."

MUNK collective is not necessarily a Scandinavian brand, and it does not matter whether our designers are from Seoul or Stockholm, cape town or Copenhagen. all that matter to us is that we see potential in the designs for our collection and in the designer for our collective.

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