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A quiet disruptor of the new normal in luxury goods, LONB weds time-honored techniques and impeccable materials with innovative design to craft luxury leather pieces for modern travelers. The Private Eye bag is the perfect 8 till late bag. Full of pockets, it fits a 13" laptop, and its centre compartment pops out as a smaller shoulder bag. Each piece is hand-made by the highest skilled craftsmen in Italy.


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Launched in 2017 with a collection of handbags and luggage for men and women, LONB is the dream-child of Founder and Designer Melissa Morris. Leveraging decades of experience in both the fashion industry and the everyday world, LONB pairs a passion for classic luxury designs with an obsession for elegant solutions to modern problems. Stubbornly uncompromising in both beauty and use, each piece is a masterwork of juxtapositions—light but lasting; beautiful but purpose-driven; fresh-faced but armed with the wisdom of the ages.


Inspired by vintage sports cars, the soothing geometry of Arabic architecture and the elegant restraint of mid-century design, Melissa engineers every element from scratch, to her exacting specifications. Guided by the twin idols of beauty and purpose, shapes are worked endlessly to achieve just the right combination of integrity and slouch. Cleverly compartmentalized and flawlessly executed, bags drape against the wearer’s body with maximum ease and balance, and conform seamlessly to individual needs. All-brass hardware is tough but smooth, and pretty enough to belong in a jeweler’s case. Clasps have been engineered to close with a click as satisfying as the door of a vintage sports car. Every bag is lined in the house’s signature Amarone Alcantara.


LONB is hand-made by the highest-skilled craftsmen and women in a storied Italian Atelier. Every detail, from edge paint, to heat-sealed seams, to the precisely varying thickness of each layer of leather, is a point of personal pride for the man or woman whose hands have called it into being.


Never settle in your search for The Best. The search should be exhaustive but not exhausting. It should feed your soul—creatively, energetically, and practically. And when you find it, you know—there’s a little thrill at every touch. A yearning for nearness. The cozy sense of good fortune. And always—the delight of discovery, even years down the line.


It took 3 years to invent a process capable of producing Melissa’s designs: lightweight but lasting; structured but slouchy; as much a pleasure to carry as to use. A single maker inside our Atelier shepherds each piece from analysis of the sketch and 3D model to hand-fabrication of every stitch, pleat, and seam finish—a detail that sets LONB apart from most brands.
Hundreds of stitches, a precisely-placed stud, a cleverly-concealed buckle and strap—so much remains invisible to the eye but does the work of ensuring that the fine, natural leather won’t pull or bunch when force is applied to the pressure points (like, say, the lifting of a handle).
This is what our Master Craftsman calls “Invisible Luxury.”

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