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We are Ujet a high-tech urban mobility lifestyle brand aiming to redefine the way city lovers move for the better. We thrive to shape a new world of urban mobility, thanks to our key assets: materials science, clean technology, connectivity and refined design.

Luxembourg City

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– Combining technology, design and practicality for a better city life


Modern cities thrive in innovation and inspiration, it’s where we find our future.

Yet, surrounded by the traffic and pollution, the stress levels are spiralling and the quality of life crumbles. Ujet strives to redefine urban transportation, empowering city lovers to find more freedom and joy in moving around.

Technology lies at the heart of our vision to pioneer the future of urban mobility. Smart connectivity, precise engineering, leading electronics and advanced composite materials come together to make our dream of futuristic mobility a reality. 

Technology can be beautiful. Form and function meet to create an amazing machine. We believe that beauty lies in union of practicality and design.

We believe in freedom of movement and expression. We innovate to enable city lovers to move anywhere and anytime, always in style.

Inventing to make urban life better
The Ujet is our answer to the need for a high-tech and stylish urban mobility solution. With today and tomorrow’s issues in mind, we created a futuristic solution that works seamlessly within the existing infrastructure and fits any lifestyle.

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