Born in New York City

Tarform Motorcycles

We set out to revive the classic form and unite it with modern day technology to create a new safer riding experience. We created a vehicle that is an expression of personal freedom through design and innovation. With 3D printing and use of biomaterials we are taking a step closer towards a sustainable way of making vehicles.

New York City

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Scrambler 2018

Tarform builds a new breed of sustainable electric motorcycles. Vehicles that combine the spirit of craftsmanship, advanced manufacturing and green mobility.

Meet Our Designer - Taras Kravtchouk

Taras Kravtchouk (Co-Founder & Head Designer). His background is predominantly in industrial design and tech, with a passion for building custom motorcycles. Two years ago, he started designing an electric motorcycle embodying a 21st century vehicle. He wanted to combine minimalistic design, use of sustainable materials and clean technology.

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