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We set out to revive the classic form and unite it with modern day technology to create a new safer riding experience. We created a vehicle that is an expression of personal freedom through design and innovation. With 3D printing and use of biomaterials we are taking a step closer towards a sustainable way of making vehicles.

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– Inventing a New Breed of Electric Motorcycles

Tarform Motorcycles is an automotive start-up company launching a new breed of electric motorcycles.

The company, based both in Brooklyn, New York and in Stockholm, Sweden, launched the brand and unveiled the first two concept prototypes at NewLab innovation center in the Brooklyn Navy Yard on October 9th, 2018. Tarform’s mission is to set a new standard for two-wheeled transport by developing fully electric, zero-emission premium motorcycles, using sustainable materials and smart connectivity.

The CEO and co-founder of Tarform, Taras Kravtchouk, is a designer and tech entrepreneur with long-standing experience in industrial design. Noting the clear consumer interest in electric vehicles and the rise of modern vintage motorcycles, Taras set out to design a new kind of electric motorcycle for the 21st century.

“We look to revive the classic form, and unite it with modern day technology to create a new riding experience. An electric vehicle that embodies the spirit of craftsmanship, advanced manufacturing and clean technology. The integration of artificial intelligence and computer vision enables us to create a machine that’s aware of its surroundings and informs the rider of any potential danger.” - Taras

Tarform Motorcycles will be built around a modular platform that makes personal customization more accessible. Additionally, as technology improves over time, consumers will be able to upgrade various parts, such as the battery pack for increased range. As a result, the motorcycle will have a longer lifetime and less wasted parts.

By using additive manufacturing, Tarform’s goal is to minimize waste and fabricate parts with new biomaterials, taking a step closer towards a sustainable vehicle.

“Our ambitions are global. We want to inspire, and show that a brand can have a positive impact while delivering a truly innovative product.” – says JC Jung, COO and co-founder of Tarform.

Tarform’s digitally integrated smart system will also optimize the riding experience by monitoring the health of the vehicle. If any maintenance issues are detected, the rider will be alerted via smartphone and if needed, reserve an appointment directly from the app. 

The spirit of motorcycle riding is synonymous with freedom. It is one of the most powerful experiences we can partake in. Our vision is to keep that alive.

The purpose of these concept bikes is to showcase the design and brand vision. A production version is under development and will be presented mid 2019, along with detailed technical specifications. Production is scheduled to start late 2019. Tarform is now accepting pre-orders on their website. Additionally, a limited run of custom Collector Edition motorcycles will be available for order at

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