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Shekudo is a womens accessories brand founded by Nigerian-Australian born Akudo Iheakanwa who felt the need to contribute to the manufacturing sector in Nigeria in a sustainable way with a focus on tradition, technique and storytelling. Shekudo is a socially responsible label using majority local Nigerian materials shedding light on some of the age old traditions and often overlooked artisans.

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Victoria Island, Lagos

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...Thoughtful accessories for the spirited Woman. Ethically made in & around the beautiful chaos of Lagos, Nigeria...

Shekudo, originally the brainchild of childhood friends Amy (Akudo) Iheakanwa and Shetu Bimpong originated out of Akudo’s living room in Sydney, Australia. Drawing on their heritage, life experiences and love of the design process, the pair aimed to to deliver original, timeless and meaningful garments.

Now under the sole creative direction of Akudo, with a new footwear and accessories focus, the brand moved its base 8666 miles across the Indian Ocean to commence production in Lagos Nigeria in the hope of shedding more light on local craftsmanship while integrating some of the age old techniques and overlooked local resources into its own contemporary aesthetic.

The brand intends to establish a global Shekudo sisterhood promoting a sense of caring, empowerment and celebration among spirited women across the globe as well as allowing its wearers to push boundaries, stand out and know that their Shekudo item is responsibly made with traceable origins.

The Shekudo brand prides itself on being a socially responsible label as well as an advocate for slow fashion and women’s empowerment.  In the months ahead, the brand aims to create training opportunities for women in garment and footwear  manufacture  in the hope of transitioning to a predominately female employee base.

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