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We started from a common, simple need: the need to protect glasses from knocks and scratches. "We need a simple, practical system for protecting lenses". It was essential that it be something practical and simple, something that can be done in two movements, just like when you fold a normal pair of glasses. From there we began thinking about how to do it and we came up with Movitra.

LocationVia Paolo Giovio, 4

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Available on pre-order from February on Kickstarter! Visit our website to be updated regarding the launch date.

A breakthrough product that combines for the first time self protected lenses like no one has ever done before with premium Italian handmade craftsmanship into one revolutionary pair of glasses. Functionality, top notch materials, Italian design and manufacturing ALL-IN-ONE.
The future of eyewear in the strongest, thinnest, most lightweight system ever made. 


Our glasses are entirely produced in Italy by master craftsmen who daily produce products for some of the best brands on the market. Attention to detail, to hand finishing and precision in processing, make Movitra a product of high manufacturing and superior quality.


The mechanism is guaranteed for life and will be replaced for any damage or manufacturing defect ascertained by our technicians.


The Movitra locking system is patented all over the world. This makes the Movitra unique and unmistakable.

100.00 SPIN TEST

The rotation mechanism is tested for over 100,000 beats at 360-degree.

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