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You Breathe In 30 Pounds of Air Per Day – Make it pure and take control of your life from now on!”


According to the EPA, the air inside most homes is 2 to 5 times MORE contaminated than the air outdoors.
Indoor air is full of invisible harmful pollutants that can cause potentially life-threatening illnesses such as asthma and cancer.

To prevent t this problem and support health and wellness, Olfinity offers the first smart home ecosystem to create an unparalleled indoor wellness environment. The patented Olfinity system is composed of three sleek, aesthetically-pleasing devices, including an air quality monitor, air purifier and dry essential-oil diffuser. The three pieces connect to the gateway for continuous communication, and the gateway also connects to a smartphone or smart speaker such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod for access to control from any location.

Why choose Olfinity? We are on a mission to create a complete home wellness system of clean and pure air. Clean air can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress which induce allergies, asthma symptoms, cardiovascular disease and major health issues. Olfinity empowers you to regain control of your life and to keep your body healthy and you feeling refreshed. The Olfinity system’s controlled, dry essential oil diffusion sessions offer a relaxation period like none other, as this method of diffusion – versus steam diffusion – reaches the sensors in your brain with the right quantity of essential oils. Current essential oil blends, sourced in France, include Relax, Sleep Serenity and Energy Boost. The system is an ideal addition for the bedroom, living room, home office, kitchen or other commonly used setting. Olfinity is best suited for a room measuring 400 sq. ft

Olfinity is now available for pre-order till 31st October 2018 via its website, with product shipping in the Q1 2019. The suggested retail value for the complete system is $1,890 USD, making Olfinity a premium addition to the home or office to help make the air you breathe cleaner and thus healthier.

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