Land Rover Born Awards
Winners announced at Land Rover BORN Awards Global Final 2018
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London, 4 October 2018

The greats of the design world gathered at the Design Museum for the eighth annual Land Rover BORN Global Awards. Honouring creative intelligence in six categories – architecture, interiors, sport, fashion, mobility and technology – the awards are a celebration of creativity in design-led lifestyle.

BORN-Awards-2018 048

The award criteria – a product that is desirable, functional and has integrity – drew 7,000 entries from six regions; the UK, Spain, Italy, France, the USA and the Rest of the World. From those entries 192 were narrowed down for the Regional Awards resulting in 48 winners, who were all entered into the Land Rover BORN Global Awards.

Land Rover BORN Awards GLOBAL FINAL 2018

A big congratulation for the 6 global winners and 3 special prizes of the Land Rover BORN Awards Global Final 2018 announced at the London Design Museum: - Architecture: Cino Zucchi for the Lavazza headquarters (Italy) - Technology: Javier Goyeneche for Ecoalf (Spain) - Sport leisure: Alexandre Fauvet for Fusalp

Winning from the UK in the interiors category was Michael Anastassiades for Flos, which the judges unanimously agreed was “a fantastic display of the parallels between lighting and jewellery”, while Brompton, led by Will Butler-Adams, took the mobility category for its Brompton Electric bike.

BORN-Awards-2018 035 (Brompton Electric Bike by Brompton)

Michael Anastassiades said: “We design knowing that the product speaks to us and we use our judgement to design something that speaks to others. To receive this award is the acknowledgement of its success, and proof that it has touched others.”

BORN-Awards-2018 036 (Flos by Michael Anastassiades)

Cino Zucchi from Italy scooped the award for architecture with the design for the Lavazza headquarters in Turin, while Spain’s Ecoalf fashion brand took the award for technology.

Cino-Zucchi,-Cino-Zucchi-Architetti,-Javier-Goyeneche-Ecoalf (Cino Zucchi, CZA Architetti - Javier Goyeneche, Ecoalf)

For France Fusalp demonstrated creative intelligence with its functional yet stylish active wear and were rewarded with top spot in the sports category.

Mathilde-Lacoste-and-Alexandre-Fauvet,-Fusalp (Mathilde Lacoste & Alexandre Fauvet, Fusalp)

Germany, as part of the rest of the world category, and the USA both had success. Germany’s Lilium were runners-up in the mobility category for the world’s first electric vertical take-off and landing jet and APL from the USA won the fashion prize thanks to their revolutionary products symbolising the intersection of design and performance.

BORN-Awards-2018 033 (APL by Adam & Ryan Goldston)

BORN-Awards-2018 103b (Adam Glodston, JC Chopin, Ryan Goldston)

Special prize was awarded to the Loewe Foundation on its 30th anniversary , Sheila Loewe of the Loewe Foundation said, “we are proud to be part of the BORN awards, since we share a lot of values and common interests: raising the visibility of the importance of design, mixing emerging talent and established names. This award represents a very exciting project which we hope will continue to surprise and inspire.”

BORN-Awards-2018 125 (Sheila Loewe - Special Prize)

A further special prize was posthumously given to acclaimed Italian artist Nino Mustica, a great friend of the Land Rover family and collaborator, who died last year and to Scott Painter founder of for his disruptive approach to a digital consumer product.

Awards founder Jean-Christophe Chopin said: “To see creative intelligence displayed in such varied ways across so many different categories was the purpose of creating the awards eight years ago and its continued success and growth proves what a valuable platform it is to designers, both emerging and established.”

BORN-Awards-2018 083

The theme of the 2018 awards was ‘peerless’. Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer, Land Rover, said: “Peerless is a term that continues to inspire me. A peerless design stands apart for all the right reasons. It alludes to the idea that there’s nothing else quite like it. It’s easy to be different, but to truly deserve the term ‘peerless’ takes imagination, intellect, wit and more than a little wisdom. That’s why it is the creative theme for the 2018 Land Rover BORN Awards. Each of the winners deserves the accolade.”

BORN-Awards-2018 135 (The winners exhibited at Design Museum, London)

Awards judge Michelle Ogundehin, a writer, consultant and TV presenter, said: “Quality in design is a combination of innovation, inspiration and attention to every detail. Factor in answering a need and that ever subjective thing beauty, and you have the shortlist for the BORN awards. It meant judging them was no easy task!”

BORN-Awards-2018 131 (Winners from L-R)

Javier Goyeneche for Ecoalf, Technology (Spain)

Ryan and Adam Goldston for APL, Fashion (USA)

Cino Zucchi for the Lavazza headquarters, Architecture (Italy)

Will Carleysmith and David Rhys for Brompton Electric bike (UK)

Jean-Christophe Chopin, Founder of the Born Awards

Scott Painter for, Special Prize (USA)

Sheila Loewe for the Loewe Foundation, Special Prize (Spain)

Michael Anastassiades for Flos, Interior (UK)

Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer of Land Rover

Alexandre Fauvet for Fusalp, Sport (France)