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Recently, we told you about our current favorite world tour. Yet, people often think that to travel across the 40.075 km around the world they’d have to take a sabbatical leave and sell their mother-in-law. To prove you wrong, we have concocted you a 15-day world tour, from 3,850€ for two people.

Young & cool in LA

Three days suffice for you to surf on the Californian waves, to taste some of the new trendiest vegan restaurants and walk on the hands of the great Hollywood stars on the Walk of Fame. Spend the night at Mama Shelter, a famous boutique hotel with bright colors and eclectic designs, and a 360° view on the whole LA. Hollywood sign included. From 160€ / night.

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Adventurer in Queenstown

Radical change of scenery once you get on Maori grounds. This green paradise still quite untouched overflows with dazzling lodges with irreproachable service. Put on your skis and start your adventure! The Sherwood Queenstown is a motel from the 80s converted into an eco-friendly hotel. Here you can take on yoga classes, enjoy the sauna and taste the organic vegetables from the garden. From 95€ / night.

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Timeless in Tokyo & Kyoto

Last but not least, Japan is worth at least five days of cultural immersion. Tokyo and Kyoto both are unmissable but between the two are hidden treasures rich in history and traditional savoir-faire. This is a total change of scenery. The Wired Hotel is a community hotel with refined linear designs, very much attached to the local artisans and inhabitants. From 90€ / night 13 Japanese and international creators have imagined the 13 rooms of The Screen, making each room unique. From 90€ / night.

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Up in the air, on a couch

Air New Zealand has World Tour tickets with very attractive rates, without compromising with the comfort. If spending 15 hours in an economy seat doesn’t enchant you – really? – you can opt for a Skycouch. The Air NZ’ Skycouch is 3 economy seats that transform into a bed for two thanks to a footrest that pivots 90° upwards. From 1,317€ in Economy, 1,865€ with a Skycouch, 3,007€ in Premium or 4,208€ in Business, per person.

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We’ve spared you the maths, here is the bill.

  • The economy world tour for 2 = 3,850 €
  • The Skycouch world tour for 2 = 4,947 €
  • The premium world tour for 2 = 7,230 €
  • The business world tour for 2 = 9,632 €
  • The rates vary with the time of the year and the availabilities at the time of booking.