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The Ultimate Interiors Christmas Gift Guide
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For interiors lovers

As the countdown to December 25th gets underway, we've handpicked some of the latest decorative items, perfect for anyone with a passion for home decor.

Bump Collection by Tom Dixon

Bump is a family of minimalist vessels designed to serve as the ritualistic instruments of every day drinking and hosting. Delicately handmade with subtle levels of pink and grey tonal translucency, Bump offers an elegant approach to the alchemical processes of tea making.


FollowMe Plus by Inma Bermúdez, Marset

FollowMe Plus stands out for its ability to create entire atmospheres, and is great as a table lamp, desk lamp, or even on the floor.


Voronoi II Collection by Tala

The organic forms in this collection stem from the voronoi pattern found throughout nature. With an elongated form and droplet shape, this captivating bulb showcases the beauty of the Fibonacci sequence, seen in pine cones and ferns, by wrapping the singular filament around its central column.

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Champs-Élysées Small Vase by Lalique The rows of plane trees lining “the most beautiful Avenue of the World” inspired the design of the finely engraved crystal leaves that adorn the Champs-Elysées vase. This sculpture of light and crystal captures the very essence of Paris.

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Sea Salt Lamp by Nir Meiri

When you place an object in a salty aquatic place the salt slowly crystalises around the object in what appears as magic. The sea salt lamps design was inspired by this incredible natural process. The lampshades are made in a unique technique using a mixture of sea salt and clear resin. When lit, the light glows through the salt creating a soft & ambient light.


Circle Swing Model by Iwona Kosicka Design

Swing is an example of a high-quality and minimalist design, as well as an open invitation to good, clean fun. Displaying a simple round shape, this charming swing chair easily adapts to a variety of contemporary decors.

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Balance Table Lamp by Victor Castaneras

The fixed impossible position of the orbs is an expression of the fragility of existents. All entities move and nothing remain still. Balance is a play with the concept of time – everything is in motion.

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Penpo by Beyond Objet

Penpo is not an ordinary desk organizer, but a micro architecture built on your desktop. Pens, pencils and other desks tools can be tidied with elegance and style.

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