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The Miasuki IX Series 1
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Introducing Flore Giraud, Iman Perez and Mathilde Pinault

MIASUKI has created a unique inner circle of MIASUKI women who champion the values of the brand experience. We choose these women very carefully to reflect our core dedication to empower Exquisite Performances in elite equestrianism.

In the MIASUKI IX Series 1, we are delighted to introduce three French show-jumping athletes: Flore Giraud, Iman Perez and Mathilde Pinault. These bright young women have fostered a close friendship since early childhood through living their passion, spirit and values.

Together, they persevere through new challenges, show genuine care and support for each other, both inside and outside the ring, which has welded a strong bond.

Flore Giraud

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Horse riding has been an essential feature in Flore Giraud’s life. Her mother Delphine is a sculptor as well as an avid rider and introduced Flore to a Shetland pony when she was four years old. That marked the beginning of a soulful journey, with her horses, her family, her friends and her trainer, Pénélope Leprevost - a French Olympic showjumper who has also inspired Flore to want to become one.

“Through horses and horse riding, I got to learn how to deal with emotions – my own emotions, the horses’ emotions and the emotions of everyone around me. Horses need so much attention and they can feel every nuance of your emotion too. To nurture a relationship with horses requires both sensitivity and sensibility, much like people."

Iman Perez

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The daughter of actress Karine Silla and actor, photographer and director Vincent Perez, and niece of director Luc Besson. it’s no wonder Iman Perez exudes an innate sense of bohemian flair. But behind that adorable and artsy façade lies a determined soul.

“Do you know the amazing thing about showjumping? People immediately assume that it’s all about money. But it’s not. You need to dedicate a lot of time and effort to practising, to communicating with a 500-pound animal and all the entourage who take care of it. Horses force you to mature very fast, to deal with feelings, which helps you in real life.”

Mathilde Pinault

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When you meet Mathilde Pinault, it’s easy to forget she’s only 15 years old. She’s poised, polite and quiet but speaks her mind. She radiates an air of fresh and pure authenticity.

“People always ask me if I’d like to become a model. I have been to a few fashion shows with my father and I enjoy the atmosphere. But horse riding or showjumping is really where my heart is. I’m delighted to be part of MIASUKI IX because I genuinely like competing in MIASUKI performance wear. The tailoring and fabric gives me the maximum flexibility in every movement."

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