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The BORN Awards in America 2018 Winners Celebration
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The BORN in America Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles

High-profile designers, ground-breaking entrepreneurs, award-winning architects and innovative creatives gathered in style on the 2nd May in Beverly Hills to celebrate the winners of the first ever edition of the BORN in America Awards.

The awards, founded by Jean-Christophe Chopin eight years ago, aim to celebrate creativity in design lifestyle combining functionality and desirability. Over one thousand creators applied to the awards in America alone, but only one winner was selected in each of the following categories: architecture, fashion, interiors, sport, technology and mobility.

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This year’s six American winners of the jury-selected prizes with their ‘peerless’ creations are:

Garcia Studio in Architecture for the interior design of the NoMad Hotel Los Angeles

Scott Painter in Technology for Fair, a car hire app designed to make driving seamless.

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Noah Kaplan in Interior for Lena Sound Sculture, a speaker installation inspired by sound waves.

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Ryan Lovelace in Sport for his finless surfboard RabbitsFoot

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Adam and Ryan Goldston in Leisure for Athletic Propulsion Labs, and their NBA-banned performance enhancing sneakers.

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And finally, Stuart Parr in Mobility for his work with MV Agusta

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The celebration also included two Special prizes, celebrating innovation in Gaming and Food Design respectively. The winners of these were:

Daimion Pinnock in BORN x Machinima Special Prize in Gaming for Horizon - Zero Dawn

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Daniella Keska in BORN x Tastemade Special Prize in Food Design for Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

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The projects of all eight winners were exhibited during Milan Design Week, and the global winner will be announced on October 4 at the Design Museum in London.