Land Rover Born Awards
The BORN Awards 2019 in partnership with Land Rover - The Italian Nominees
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24 distinguished nominees for the ‘Desire’ themed BORN Awards 2019. Winners will exhibit at Milan Design Week.

The BORN Awards, founded by Jean-Christophe Chopin nine years ago, celebrates the BORN Society members (known and emerging talents) who create design-led lifestyle products and services that showcase desirability, functionality and integrity.

This year, more than 7,000 candidates from around the world have submitted their creations based on the theme of Desire.

24 nominees, in 6 categories, chosen from over 1,000 Italian creators.

The best creators in their category are:

Tech-collage- In the category of Technology:

  • Helbiz, e-scooter sharing service for intra-urban mobility, by Salvatore Palella
  • Albicchiere, the first Smart Wine dispenser and platform, by Diego Pepini
  • Movitra, TYTUS ultimate titanium crash-proof self protecting glasses, by Filippo Pagliacci & Giuseppe Pizzuto
  • Habits, Jacqueline: the IoT Smart teapot, by Innocenzo Rifino and Diego Rossi

Fashion-collage- In the category of Fashion & Accessories:

  • CO|TE, SS 2019 collection, by Tomaso Anfossi & Francesco Ferrari
  • Miahatami, AW 18 collection, by Narguess Hatami
  • Yatay, unisex sneaker made exclusively using ethical resources, by Umberto De Marco
  • Salvatore Ferragamo, Rainbow Future: limited edition signature shoe celebrating sustainable development, by Salvatore Ferragamo

Interior-collage- In the category of Interior products:

  • Artemide, cable-free portable light, by Carlotta de Bevilacqua
  • Magis, Vitrail Mirrors, by Inga Sempé
  • cc-tapis, Cinquecento collection, by Studio Klass
  • Davide Groppi, Calvino Light, by Davide Groppi
  • Ethimo, Lucerna, by Luca Nichetto

Architecture-collage- In the category of Architecture & Interiors:

  • Salvatori, Salvatori at Home, by Elisa Ossino and Gabriele Salvatori
  • Davines, Davines Headquarters, by Davide Bollati and Matteo Thun Architects
  • Fantini, Fantini Headquarters, by Piero Lissoni
  • Anna Scaravella, Giardino a Roma, Anna Scaravella
  • Ateliers Jean Nouvel, rhinoceros - Alda Fendi Foundation - Esperimenti, by Alda Fendi and Jean Nouvel

Sport-collage- In the category of Sports & Leisure:

  • Sease, ‘High Pressure’ spray top, by Franco Loro-Piana
  • Foil Skis, The Classico, by Andreas Pichler
  • Ciclotte, Ciclotte Bike, by Luca Bonfanti

Retail-collage- In the category of Retail Concept:

  • SEM, SEM Showroom, by Valentina Cameranesi and Enrico Pompili’s studio
  • Starbucks, Starbucks Store Milano, by Liz Muller
  • Aēsop, Aēsop Store in Rome, by Luca Guadagnino

The winners will be announced via our BORN channels and featured at Milan Design Week from 8 – 14th April at the BORN exhibition space at 11 Via Palermo, Milan, in partnership with Land Rover.