Land Rover Born Awards
Peerless Design
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Land Rover and the BORN Awards celebrate the aspiration of excellence in design

Land Rover and the BORN Awards are united in the belief that great creators of beautiful products can change the way we live. They can shape the way we look at the world, and their creations embody beauty and functionality.

The BORN Awards is supporting, nurturing and celebrating the next generation of design thinkers and makers whose work will impact the lives of tomorrow. Its task is to seek out those new talents across the world who embody values of integrity and innovation and whose strength of vision has the potential to revolutionize their respective fields.

Together, we are crafting a global network of creatives connected by the power of beautiful things. Just as vital are a series of special platforms and forums designed to connect emerging talents and established visionaries. We encourage “cross-creation”— and strive to create a new space for expressing multiple points of view.

We are peerless: a community, a lifestyle and a worldview, helping realise the smartest possibilities to enrich our tomorrow.

By Gerry McGovern (Land Rover Chief Design Officer) and Jean Christophe Chopin (BORN Awards Founder and CEO)